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BBC North West Tonight Feature

Welcome everyone visiting who found us via BBC NWT! We hope you enjoy the footage over the coming weeks.

It is very exciting to be featured on BBC North West Tonight and most bizarre that the news which we watch day-in-day-out has decided to come to our small farm!

BBC have kindly lent us some equipment that will allow us to do a sort of "video diary" over the coming weeks. We will be using it to record lots more lambing time events as and when they happen on the farm so it should be a real opportunity for you to see what really happens on a farm at lambing time and also be a bit of fun too!

And of course... the lambwatch cam will be running around the clock so you can watch it any time you wish! Fingers crossed that the weather will improve as it makes life a lot more difficult when its yukky like it has been today! You should be able to see the sheep and lambs during the day on the camera but when its horrible weather we bring them all in every night so they stay warm and dry

When the news were broadcasting the feature earlier tonight, the LambWatch website visitor count rocketed to such an extent that it nearly fell on its knees! I was clicking about a bit and I occasionally got error messages from the website along the lines of "capacity exceeded" etc and was scared that the site would go down in its moment of glory! Fortunately though it managed to stay up for everyone to enjoy and for the majority of the time it managed to cope with the influx of visitors (at least I had no reports of problems with the website)....


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