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Radio 2 "WebCam of the Day"!!

We were delighted to find out we had been voted as Radio 2's "WebCam of the Day" on the "Steve Wright in the afternoon" show!

Download Radio Announcement Soundbyte

It's amazing what a bit of publicity can do to a website and were absolutely thrilled when we found out that we had actually been voted as BBC Radio 2's WebCam of the Day on Steve Wright's show in the afternoon!

Thank Yous: A massive thank you to them for nominating us and a massive thank you also must go to [link] target='_blank'>Camstreams for bumping up our bandwidth allowance to cater for the influx of visitors from Radio 2!

We hope everyone enjoyed the webcam. At one point we had approximately 90 simultaneous viewers and we had over 1700 unique visitors look at the camera during the whole day!! The statistics are incredible and it seems as though everyone who visited the website during the day enjoyed the show! We tried to keep our visitors entertained throughout the afternoon with visits from the cat, the woodpecker, "Elvis Right" and other events although a lot of visitors were gutted that the scheduled feeding time did not happen on time! (It took place earlier that day because the sheep were being tagged at the time of the "normal" feeding time)

It really was a remarkable afternoon to be featured on the WebCam of the day and hope we have acquired some new friends and fans to enjoy the lamb action! Thank you to everyone for joining in the fun, for all the sightings you made, and the comments and support we received was really encouraging. One lady even said that they thought it was the "Best webcam they had featured so far"! Thanks!


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