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The Spirit Of LambWatch

A news post to capture the Spirit of LambWatch with videos created by LambWatcher Christine on her visit to the farm in May 2008.

At LambWatch you can see and hear rural Yorkshire farming life and nature in all its glory without leaving the comfort of your own chair.

You really never know what you might see or hear: sheep, lambs, mice, pheasants, rabbits, owls and more have all been spotted at some stage!

At LambWatch, everybody, no matter what their background, culture, language, religion, circumstances or location, is provided with an opportunity to escape and breathe in some virtual fresh Yorkshire air!

In 2008, LambWatch opened its doors to the world and invited LambWatchers to come and see the farm for themselves. The day was a real success and everybody enjoyed their day.

Christine and David, a couple who had come all the way from Liverpool, brought their camera equipment and went on to compile the two videos about their visit which, we feel, captures "The Spirit of LambWatch" perfectly. Thank you for making these two wonderful videos!

If you are a fan of all creatures great and small then we feel that you will love this video. The video is split into two parts. The first part is shown above on this page and you can watch the second part on Christine's YouTube Channel.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


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How very beautiful. The pictures of Lottie brought tears to my eyes. And the music is a perfect complement to the images. How peaceful it all is. Thank you Christine for doing this and making it available.

Thank you for putting this in the features tab. It gives me a chance to see the sheep and lambs up close and to see more of the field.

It's great to see this again

Another up vote here!

Great memories also for those of us that visited

Lovely to watch these videos again

such a lovely couple of clips. well done Christine.

Such a lovely couple of videos.