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A young lady from Twickenham

At the same time as fixing the microphone, Lynda tells the story of a young lady from Twickenham...

After installing yet another microphone for our webcam, Lynda then performs one of her limericks for everybody, especially Steve. She tells us about the story of a young lady from Twickenham....


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Thought I would see what you were up too. Entertaining, lovely to hear you. Hope all are well.xx

Where is the glass of wine in hand Lynda? hehe

Hi from California!

New to me as well, but any appearance of Lynda at the camera is always a treat.

Ive never heard it before either ,But so funny Lynda ,Thanks

That made me smile - never heard it before so thanks Lynda.

I haven't heard that one before Lynda... It made me laugh