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Owl wishes everybody a happy new year!

Only 8 minutes into 2014, an owl comes to wish all everybody a happy & healthy new year!

As the fireworks go off over the villages of Earby and Barnoldswick in the background, an owl makes a fly-by appearance on the webcam, to wish all LambWatchers a happy and healthy new year!

Having watched the impressive fireworks in London on the telly, the owl was probably looking for a good perch to toast in the new year and see the Earby and Barlick fireworks before heading back to bed!

Happy new year all from all creatures great and small at LambWatch HQ!


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Happy new year to the owl too. Perhaps he is bringing us some good luck?

I blinked and nearly missed him !

Good to see what I missed Thanks Dan for finding it.

Pussy said to the owl "You elegant fowl"......

Nice big owl, long wings. cool fire works. we watched seattle needle fire works.

Hope the owl decides to nest in the barn one day - great to see it fly so near to the webcam

Thank you, Dan, for finding it. It was so exciting to see it! A good luck sign for 2014, maybe?

Glad you found it Dan, I missed it last night.