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Six days later...

Last week we focussed our webcam on a live lambing... here are the lambs six days later.

It's been only six days since our first North Ronaldsay lambs were born live on our webcam (see other blog post) and here we re-join them to see how they're getting on. After a day of heavy showers, the sun decided to come out and so we focussed our webcam on Kerry once again, together with her two twin lambs.

They spend ten minutes or so enjoying the evening sun, and a brief respite between the heavy April showers. Kerry has twin lambs: one ewe lamb and one ram lamb. They are very similar in colour, but the ewe lamb is slightly lighter, particularly on the tips of the ears, which usually indicates that she will get significantly lighter in colour as she gets older.

They are very cute as they explore the world, and find a stick of particular interest.


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