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The first lambs of 2024 arrive live on webcam!

Having been wandering around in a daze all day, Kerry successfully produced two twins live on webcam this evening.

Kerry, our very friendly North Ronaldsay ewe, gave birth to twins live on our webcam this evening, in a brief interlude between the downpours.

It was a straight-forward birth outdoors despite being pestered by two other ewes who themselves are due to produce imminently. One particular keen Shetland, called Staffa, was convinced they were hers and attempted to lick the newborns while Kerry was preoccupied so I chased her away to give the them an opportunity to drink from their correct mother; Kerry.

This is all that should be required: as soon as the lambs have their mother's milk inside them, and the mother has licked them dry, the oxytocin begins to run through and the bond is made, eliminating any risk of mis-mothering, in theory!!


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That was so interesting to see so much 'interference' from the other ewes. Staffa will soon have her own, but she certainly wanted to take ownership of this first little one. Glad to see them well and standing up. A good feed is all they need. Keep us posted about the rest, please. Thanks for the video.

Staffa now has her own lambs to worry about! Currently just one I can see in the torchlight.