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Here come the boys!

Introducing Frodo, Bertie, Flynn, Bentley and "Other One", the LambWatch tups (rams).

A rare glimpse of the LambWatch tups (rams) as they take up temporary residence in the LambWatch field for the next few days while we make hay (hopefully!) in their usual field. This is assuming we can get a few technical problems resolved with our tractor!

Here we have Frodo and Bentley, the two Boreray tups, as well as Bertie, the North Ronaldsay and Flynn our Shetland. We also have a rather small little shearling tup who won't be going on to breed, as he's rather small! They are drawn to the red LEDs on our infra-red night-vision camera. Now we will find out how sheep-proof our new webcam is!


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