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An evening flock-check walk

Checking the sheep; a sunset stroll through the wildflower meadows and woodlands.

An evening flock check through the various sheep groups. The hay meadows are looking especially good at this time of year and the woodland is beautiful. With the weather that we have been having lately, checking the sheep has been a real pleasure, especially first thing in the morning or in the evening.

We check the sheep and lambs at least once a day and they are split between three areas. The boys are in one field, the ewes with lambs in another and the ewes without lambs and wethers are in another. The round includes a stroll through the wildflower meadows, woodland and our species-rich grass lands as well as a visit to feed our bottle fed pet lamb whose mother we sadly lost this season.

Our sheep are rare breed native breeds to the British Isles and include North Ronaldsay, Shetland and Boreray. Apologies but there seems to be a glitch about 8 minutes into the video where the sound stops working. There wasn't any commentary on the video so it's just a bit of evening ambience that's missing!


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It was beautiful. They have a lot of freedom, but they were certainly keeping out of your way. Does the bottle fed lamb have company? Thanks for posting.

Hi Helen. Yes the bottle fed lamb lives with the other ewes and lambs.