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Breeding Groups 2021

It's tupping time! For the next four weeks we will have 5 breeding groups scattered across the farm.

It's tupping time for 2021. This year we have 5 breeding groups scattered across the farm. They will be in their groups for the next four weeks. In the LambWatch field we have our single Boreray breeding group so keep your eyes peeled for any antics on our webcam. Here is a summary of the groups with photos as well.

Frodo, the tup, is spending his time with 11 Boreray ewes: Gaynor, Flame, Flavia, Fulvia, Fern, Fiona, Izzy, Kelly, Bambie, Rae and Dahila. The Boreray are typically miles away from the camera...

North Ronaldsay Group 1
Charles, the tup, is spending his time with 7 North Ronaldsay ewes: Thora, Florentine, Madeleine, Kelly, Kale, Kerry and Jemma.

North Ronaldsay Group 2
Bertie, the tup, is spending his time with 3 North Ronaldsay ewes: Gizmo, Nutmeg and Unicorn. Here he is giving chase to Gizmo.

Shetland Group 1
Celt, the tup, is spending his time with 5 Shetland ewes: Patch, Cindy, Elma, Lizzie and Anna.

Shetland Group 2
Troy, the tup, is spending his time with 9 Shetland ewes: Peggy, Lilly, Lunga, Winnie, Mel, Beth, Myrtle, Kate and Megan.

As well as these breeding groups we also have 25 other sheep who are either too young (lambs) or having the year off as well as two other Boreray tups who are actively seeking ladies!


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Well, you are going to be busy but if they all stay within their own confines, you should have a very clear picture of the breeding of your new flock of lambs in the spring. Well done you. I hope it all goes well.

You have more sheep than i thought, lots to look after there ,well good luck with the tupping,lots to do there 😊.

Good morning everyone. The breeding groups are now closed and the tup have been reunited as have the ewes. There was a bit of argie bargie initially but all calm now. The lamb watch field is now being rested for a while so there won’t be any sheep to see for a while but there will be all the seasonal weather to enjoy.