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Lambs due from 3rd April 2021!

We are due to start lambing on the 3rd April 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for the new arrivals!


Lambs are due to arrive from 3rd April 2021 but keep your eyes peeled for any early arrivals! We often have some arrive a day or so before the due date. The North Ronaldsays are due first and then everybody else a week later.

We are currently resting the LambWatch field on the run up to the 3rd in order to encourage a little extra grass growth which will be invaluable for the new mums. We have struggled this year with grass growth; the January snow and ice really set us back on hay supplies and also delayed the grass growing season too.

We have 28 sheep due to lamb this year although we expect one (Peggy - photographed above) may not be in lamb. The ladies are certainly looking round and could really produce at any time now. Fingers crossed for some good weather as we will be lambing outdoors though we have plenty of room indoors if adverse weather does strike!


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Wishing You the Best of Luck, I hope all goes well for You, You certainly deserve it.

Thanks for the update. What a lovely photo of beautiful Peggy. I hope lambing goes well. All the best, Helen

I hope it all goes well, and can't wait to see the new lambs,🙂

Thank you for the updates, makes one feel closer to you all. Hope there aren`t any problems with lambing...

Lambing update! 7 lambs from 5 ewes, 5 are male and 1 is female, 1 is unknown but suspected male

Some photos of the 2021 lambs can be found on our Facebook page! [link]