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RIP Lyssa

Today we say goodbye to our lovely Ronnie ewe, Lyssa, who died after producing two lambs yesterday.

Lyssa was our lovely North Ronaldsay ewe, who would have turned 9 years old tomorrow (4th April). She died today after producing two male lambs yesterday afternoon. We did everything we could for her but she went down hill quite quickly and despite our best efforts, she passed away this afternoon.

Not only does she leave behind these two lambs in her legacy, but she also leaves behind Marlfield Gizmo, Marlfield Jenny, and Marlfield Nutmeg, who are still at LambWatch HQ, not to mention all the other animals in her progeny who are elsewhere, some of who are still breeding so her kind genes will go on.

Thank you Lyssa for being a lovely animal, never any trouble for us, quietly getting on with it. She was very chatty and her lambs and offspring have always been really good healthy animals.

Lyssa has passed on the baton to us to bring up her latest two lambs from this year. We will be bottle feeding them and tonight they will be spending the night in our kitchen in Rowan's playpen - he won't mind at all and didn't use it much himself when he was younger!

Rest in peace, Lyssa. Night night xxx


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Dear Lyssa will be missed. Beautiful name and lovely personality. She leaves behind a sturdy family, and I know you will take great care of the two babies. But a sad day for you all. Helen

Rest in peace Lyssa. You did Marlfield proud.enjoy that great meadow in the sky!

Can’t believe she was nearly 9

So sorry Lyssa,R.I.P.

So sad to lose the lovely Lyssa after her wonderful life at Marlfield Farm. I hope that her final two offspring enjoy starting their life in the warm kitchen drinking milk from a bottle. Rest in peace Lyssa. xx

A Lovely Tribute thank you Dan for the loss of a Beautiful Mum but who is now resting in Peace & free of pain & discomfort, but who has also left Marlfield & elsewhere with some lovely offspring. Neilxxx RIP Lyssa