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Lambing season 2020 kicks off

The lambing season of 2020 has officially kicked off with the first lambs arrived live on webcam!

The lambing season of 2020 has kicked off at LambWatch HQ. Yesterday, the first lambs arrived live on webcam! First there was a single born and soon after there came a set of triplets. The last one of the triplets needed some help as it was coming head first which meant it was more difficult for the mother to push out the lamb.

The events were streamed live on the LambWatch webcam and the new families are safe and dry in the lambing barn which is now being broadcast on the webcam. Howard's sheep are due to lamb first followed by the pure breeds which are due to start any time from the middle of March. Happy LambWatching!


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Congratulations on the first three lambs to be born at Lambwatch. It was really wonderful to see the lambs being born and well done to Dan for helping the third lamb to be born. I'm sure everyone was willing him along to bring that last little one to join his siblings.

I was sitting in my office in Colorado, checking in as I could, and saw you helping deliver that third lamb. Amazing and so fun to watch all the frisky little ones.