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Good luck, Boris!

Today we wave goodbye to Boris, our first home-bred Boreray ram. He's joined a new flock in Wales.

Today was a bittersweet day as we waved goodbye to our first home-bred Boreray ram, Boris. We are sad to see him go as he was such a character but we needed to find a new breeding home for him as he was too closely related to our ewes. Boris is a magnificent Boreray ram (tup) with stunning horns and a very placid character, solidly built and in great condition. We are very proud of him and how he has turned out.

We've been able to rehome him to a lovely spot in Mold, Denbighshire, Wales, where he will have the good company of lots of Boreray ewes to hopefully make lots of new Boreray lambs in the years to come with his new family. You can find out more about his new home at Clwt yr Arian Rare Breeds. Here is a photo Boris at LambWatch HQ only a few weeks ago. He knows he's handsome!

Good luck Boris in your new home!


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He certainly is handsome, Good.lu ck in your new home Boris,!!

He is a good looking tup and although it is sad that he has to go to a new home, I'm sure he will enjoy Wales and hopefully have lots of equally handsome offspring.

You can find out more about Boris's new home here: [link]

I wish him the very best, and lots of fun in the fields of Wales. Farewell, Boris. It's been fun to watch him on Cam, and I bet he will miss Marlfield. I know you will miss him, too.

I am certain Boris will enjoy his life in Wales with all his Boreray wives. Has another ram arrived to take the place of Boris at Marlfield Farm ?