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RIP Georgie

Today we suddenly lost our lovely Boreray ewe, Georgie. RIP Georgie. We miss you.

Georgie, our 10 year old Boreray ewe, suddenly died today. It was a shock, and she died on the way to the vets. We will miss Georgie a great deal. She was a very charismatic sheep - very chatty and quite friendly too, for a Boreray. She was also a dark Boreray which is not quite as common in the breed. She had twins this year and we wonder if this was perhaps one step too far for her little body to deal with. RIP Georgie.



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So sorry to hear of your loss of Georgie. She had a lovely coloured fleece. RIP Georgie..

Ahhh - I'm sorry. Do these sheep, so far from their natural home, not have the same stamina of some of the tougher breeds from the 'mainland'? You lost Wispa, too. I'm really sorry.

So sorry to hear of Georgies unexpected death, she was a beautiful colour. Have you had her since she was a lamb? Will you be able to determine the cause?

So sorry, R,I,P, Georgia xx

So Sorry to hear of your passing Georgie, RIP, I do hope the twins are coping!

Sad to say goodbye to Georgie - she was a sweet tempered ewe and I am sure she will be missed by all at Marlfield Farm.

I am truly sorry for you to have such a dearly loved member of the Marlfield Farm, particularly so suddenly & tragically. She will be sorely missed by us all, as well as her 2 recent lambs, who I do hope are keeping well. R.I.P. Georgie