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LambWatch is a window into life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Our 'lambing live' 'lamb cam' lets you enjoy the daily life 'down on the farm' without leaving the comfort of your chair. Find out more »

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Six days later...

Six days later...

Posted 13th April 2024, 0 replies

Last week we focussed our webcam on a live lambing... here are the lambs six days later. Read Article

"Get up, mum, I'm thirsty!"

"Get up, mum, I'm thirsty!"

Posted 13th April 2024, 1 replies

Fiona and her twins are relaxing in the afternoon during a brief pause between the April showers. Read Article

Live Chat

Helen 11:59

Good morning. Wet and dreary in Toronto today.

Neil 11:17

Good Morning All, I haven'twatched the videos yet but it's lovely to hear the lambs & the birds, probably trying to sign in chorus! Hoping you all enjoy a safe & happy day despite the sight of those BIG Black clouds being blown by a persistent wind...

Ric 10:35

Morning all! More lambs on the way, Dan?

Cindy 08:39


Milly 07:11

Morning all,lovely to watch the lamb's.

13 Apr
Helen 20:30

I just watched both of the videos, Dan, and have sent the 6-day-old ones to my young relatives. They are looking very good and very healthy.

Dan 19:09

I've made a video clip of them. Very cute! [link]

Dan 18:50

As in the live webcam is showing them... and that link is the clip of the live birth...

Dan 18:49

Here are Kerry and her two twins, the lambs to be born live on webcam the other night: [link]

Dan 18:36

"get up mum, i'm thirsty!"

Dan 18:03

Fiona's gone off screen and this is now Bambie

Dan 17:17

This is Fiona and her two lambs, born this morning.

Dan 17:17

A brief change of perspective...!

Helen 11:53

Good morning all! Glad to hear of more new life there. I hope they all do well. I can see a few.

Ric 10:13

Morning all. Best wishes for the new arrivals.

Neil 09:45

Good Morning Folk, Good Luck with yet more new arrivals, The sheep must be hiding...probably arranging, in turn, visits to see the new arrivals.... lol!, but the birds sound to be in full song, chatting about the good news.....Hoping Everyone enjoys a safe & happy day & night......

Milly 09:25

Good news again Dan ,

Milly 09:23

Morning all, late up today,

Cindy 09:01


Dan 07:28

Good morning everyone, 4 new arrivals in the night - from two ewes each with twins.

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