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LambWatch is a little window into life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Our 'lambing live' 'lamb cam' lets you enjoy the daily life 'down on the farm' without leaving the comfort & warmth of your own chair.

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Good luck, Boris!

Good luck, Boris!

Posted 22nd August 2019, 5 replies, 0 likes

Today we wave goodbye to Boris, our first home-bred Boreray ram. He's joined a new flock in Wales. Read Article

RIP Georgie

RIP Georgie

Posted 9th July 2019, 7 replies, 0 likes

Today we suddenly lost our lovely Boreray ewe, Georgie. RIP Georgie. We miss you. Read Article

Live Chat

Neil 16:33

Many thanks Dan, Much Appreciated..next on your list is to organise more behavioral tuition for your "Dear Tups"!...lol!

Helen 16:16

It sure looks like a lovely day there - our September days are glorious too.

Helen 16:15

Absolutely stunning view now (not of Dan, but of the horizon) just beautiful.

Helen 16:14

There's Dan in a red and white shirt. Thanks for the cam and the sound.

Dan 16:01

Our lovely lambwatch camera is back with sound

Helen 12:57

Yep - they've been playing around with the cam. I noticed it last night.

Neil 11:26

G'Morning All...Have those "Dear" Tups been up to their tricks again? Bless Them! Have a Good Day Everyone...

Cindy 08:57


Milly 05:56

Morning all

Milly 05:55

No live stream !

Helen 01:04

I think the camera's off again. It say's it's 20.01. Since it's already 20.05 here in Toronto, either the world has turned back on its axis, or the camera's stuck.

18th September 2019
Helen 21:08

I scrolled back to see them. They look very contented.

Kristin 19:31

Yes I’m in the Mountain Time zone, so it is just 12:30 pm here. And, nice to see both boys a minute ago, but one is camera shy, again.

"B" 18:49

The two boys are sitting top left in the picture to balance the image - maybe waiting to have their picture taken!

"B" 18:48

Hello, yes Helen I am in the Central Time Zone currently with an hour added for "Summer time"

Helen 18:43

I forgot to check in today, but I hope you've all had or are having a great day. It's lovely in Toronto in what is now early afternoon, and evening for the UK. Kristin and "B" are behind me.

Milly 17:41

Yes i see them too!

Gradon 14:22

Good Afternoon all! Yey! I can at last see the two boys!After weeks of not seeing anything!Though they are at the bottom of the field!

Neil 12:17

Hello All, just turned afternoon here in England, Many thanks for your kind words Helen & Kristin, Much Appreciated, I'm feeling much better today thanks,Hope you're all having a Good Day when you reach it,...& hopefully after managing a good period of sleep Kristin,

Debbie 09:03

Good morning

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