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LambWatch is a window into life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Our 'lambing live' 'lamb cam' lets you enjoy the daily life 'down on the farm' without leaving the comfort of your chair. Find out more »

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Six days later...

Six days later...

Posted 13th April 2024, 0 replies

Last week we focussed our webcam on a live lambing... here are the lambs six days later. Read Article

"Get up, mum, I'm thirsty!"

"Get up, mum, I'm thirsty!"

Posted 13th April 2024, 1 replies

Fiona and her twins are relaxing in the afternoon during a brief pause between the April showers. Read Article

Live Chat

Helen 17:58

Hey - sunshine - really!!!

Helen 10:23

It was a raindrop and it's gone now but there are others. Good morning all. Happy Monday.

Neil 09:46

Good Morning Folk, Would that be a raindrop or an Ovine lick on the cam lens I wonder!!! Seeing the drops of rain in the background, I think perhaps it's a raindrop! ...."Raindrops on the camera lens! ...Oh what a beautifully damp day again!" ...Hmmm! Just ignore him.. he might go away & take the rain with him!!! After all that, try & enjoy a safe & happy day......

Cindy 09:01


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

Milly 08:01

Morning all,its the jet stream thats causing it, A bit better this week.

16 Jun
Helen 22:31

Sorry for your weather. We've had sunshine all day.

Neil 11:01

Good Morning Folk, with my wish, too for a Happy Father's Day to Howard & Dan, & yes, another dreich day, weather-wise. From what you are saying, Helen, it sounds as though the description is more widely used than just Shetland! ...Wishing You All a Safe & Happy Sunday...perhaps without any Sun showing....

Cindy 08:40


Helen 08:21

Good morning, Milly and all. It's not raining!! Yet, anyway. Enjoy your day. Happy Father's day to Howard and Dan and anyone else who is celebrating.

Milly 07:20

Morning all

15 Jun
Helen 23:52

A waxing gibbous moon is up and showing through the clouds.

Helen 13:06

Dreich - I have Scots friends from Glasgow and Edinburgh who use that word, too. It's very expressive of a wet, dismal day. Sunshine here and quite warm.

Helen 13:03

Yes, I'm late. Hello, all.

Neil 10:36

Good Morning Folk, on another "dreich" day ...yes, another Shetlandic description...for wet...., but the sheep already out grazing, don't seem to mind with their thick woolly coats. Your experience in Wick is interesting, thanks Helen, & I can well imagine Shetland's "Simmer Dim" stretching much further south, especially when the sky is clearer than it seems to be today. Wishing You All a safe & happy day, despite the weather...it could be worse!!!

Cindy 09:00


Milly 07:15

Morning all

14 Jun
Helen 11:20

Neii, I was up in Wick once, near John o'Groats, on June 21st, and while not as light as Shetland, it never really got dark all night. Quite an experience.

Helen 11:18

Good morning, everyone. Sun not up here yet but it promises to be a nice day. Hope you are enjoying your part of it.

Neil 09:43

Good Morning Folk, rather dull & cloudy @ Marlfield now, so perhaps Helen saw the best of the day, much earlier, & as we approach the Longest Day about a week away, or the Simmer Dim as it is called in Shetland, as it barely darkens overnight....Hoping You All enjoy a safe & happy day/night....

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