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LambWatch is a little window into life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Our 'lambing live' 'lamb cam' lets you enjoy the daily life 'down on the farm' without leaving the comfort & warmth of your own chair.

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RIP Georgie

RIP Georgie

Posted 9th July 2019, 7 replies, 0 likes

Today we suddenly lost our lovely Boreray ewe, Georgie. RIP Georgie. We miss you. Read Article

Welcome Grisette, Chapeau, Cochonette & Gauloise

Welcome Grisette, Chapeau, Cochonette & Gauloise

Posted 3rd July 2019, 6 replies, 0 likes

LambWatch HQ is now the new home of these four lovely Soay sheep. Welcome to LambWatch girls! Read Article

Live Chat

Helen 12:55


Helen 12:55

Hello, all - is it still raining? Cold you please send some here. Our farmers need it.

Neil 12:00

Hello All at Noon , UK, Hope you're all well....

Cindy 09:00


Debbie 08:58

Good morning

Milly 06:56

Morning all

18th August 2019
Helen 21:23

Rain. Not a chance of seeing anything through those raindrops.

Helen 20:21

Seven sheep, up fairly close. How lovely.

Kristin 15:29

Hello. Nice to see the lush green grass there for the sheep. I am in a more arid, mountain climate and our grasses are seeding and fading to a more mustard yellow on the hillsides now. Hope all are enjoying the day.

Cindy 09:02


Neil 07:53

Sorry, Milly, I became distracted by some sheep & lambs in an unusual place on the shetland webcams...Baaa!..Hope you enjoy your Breakfast. & day ahead...

Milly 07:39

I'm going for breakfast ,,, bye for now

Milly 07:37

Im fine thanks ,Niel ,,,,,i think the sheep are just resting ,

Neil 07:33

Good Morning Milly..I just noticed you here when I heard a shep bleat! Hope you're well, & no doubt busy.

Milly 07:31

Morning Niel and all

Neil 06:37

Good Morning Folk, a dry one at least for the time being, I-spy Sheep in the far distance, too far away to see if grazing or resting...Wishing All a Good Day ahead....

17th August 2019
Helen 21:53

Some bright eyes are watching us from the upper left....Goodnight all.

Neil 21:33

i WAS JUST about to switch off for the night but was being stared at by 2 bright eyes & 2 long ears before it bobbed away...not sure if it was a rabbit or hare @ 2131...Goodnight Everyone, Sweet Dreams...

Helen 19:25

Lovely vision of green there. We are getting rain here - greatly needed.

Kristin 14:02

You have a lovely breeze blowing there. And now three or four sheep appear in the far left.

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Happy Easter

Updated 26th June 2019 by Helen, 6 replies

Happy Easter Tuesday.  All night (your time) I have been watching one of the yows who just produced twins (she looks a little surprised) and ... Read Topic

Happy Birthday Milly

Updated 26th June 2019 by Milly, 5 replies

Thank you everyone for the good wishes.I had a lovely time on my birthday .I was on holiday.we had lovely weather.which made the day go well .! Th... Read Topic

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