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LambWatch is a little window into life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Our 'lambing live' 'lamb cam' lets you enjoy the daily life 'down on the farm' without leaving the comfort & warmth of your own chair.

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RIP Sir Lancelot

RIP Sir Lancelot

Posted 7th October 2019, 3 replies, 0 likes

It is with a heavy heart that we have today lost our Shetland tup, Lance. Read Article

Good luck, Boris!

Good luck, Boris!

Posted 22nd August 2019, 5 replies, 0 likes

Today we wave goodbye to Boris, our first home-bred Boreray ram. He's joined a new flock in Wales. Read Article

Live Chat

Helen 12:22

Hello, all! Nice to be back outside.

Susan 10:48

Morning All

Debbie 09:11

Good morning

Cindy 09:05


Milly 06:24

Morning all

Helen 01:14

Sorting through (and pitching out) some of my souvenirs of the days when I was a tourist, I found a wonderful map of Yorkshire. Could find the farm right away!

16th February 2020
Helen 23:16

Lovely images of the girls all tucking in for a midnight snack right now.

Neil 21:30

a Fine Collection & Display of New recruits...Now Girls, until we al become used to each of your names, Please wear & show your "Name badge" CLEARLY for us all to see, Thank you....Baaaa! Lol!

Helen 17:00

And they all have names. I'll never keep them straight, but I do like "Fairisle (Fair Isle)".

Helen 13:41

Hello, all. There's a nice picture of the new arrivals on Facebook. I hope they feel at home soon. And the ladies in waiting look comfortable this morning.

Neil 12:59

Good, though, probably not so good weather -wise at the mo, Afternoon, but Good news about oyur new acquisitions, & I hope All Goes well, Dan, Lynda & Team, I think you are going to be busy!!!..Good Luck...

Susan 10:28

Morning All

Cindy 09:07

Hello - great news about the new sheep + lambs

Milly 09:00

Wow!Can't wait to see them 😊

Dan 08:42

We had a busy day at Clitheroe Auction Market yesterday and have come home with 8 new in-lamb Boreray ewes and 4 new in-lamb Soays, bringing the total number of rare and native breeding ewes at Marlfield Farm to 61! These include 16 Boreray, 8 Soay, 9 North Ronaldsays and 28 Shetlands. Phew! Not all these are in lamb this year though. Out of those 61; 41 are due to lamb this year, so we will have lots of lovely rare breed lambs this year!

Milly 06:52

Morning all

15th February 2020
Helen 22:31

It's been OK here, Dan, just a brief blip at one point but has been fine since early afternoon for me.

Neil 21:51

That's ok Dan thanks, Good to see the residents happy in their warm & dry surroundings, I just keep refreshing every so often..Good Luck with the Lambing...

Dan 21:44

Sorry for cam issues folks.

Helen 18:43

Could be, Sue. The girls are all standing up and looking into the metal ring - maybe waiting for new hay?

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