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Shoutout Messages

Helen 15:37

It all looks good to me, Dan. Thanks for all the work. Enjoying the ducklings, too.

Dan 15:15

Hey all, the site is now finished. If anyone has any problems with it at all, please either contact me about it (using the contact page), or post a comment on the "New Website" forum topic. Also, if anyone has any problems, annoyances, or "wish list" items, feel free to contact me in the same ways. I can make new pages with different layouts, etc, font sizes, to make it easier if anyone is having any difficulties!

Susan 09:00

Morning All

Debbie 08:51

Good morning

Cindy 08:42

Hello everyone

Milly 06:35

Morning "B"

"B" 05:50

Morning Milly,

Milly 05:39

Morning all !

Milly 05:38

Got it Helen

18th January 2018
Helen 19:48

Let's try again - If anyone needs a good laugh and didn't get what I sent out by email, just PM me and I'll send it to you.

Helen 19:47

If anyone needs a laugh and didn'

Helen 16:01

Good heavens - a menagerie. What fun. So glad this family has such a delightful sense of humour.

Susan 15:27

Thats what interbreeding does..

Milly 12:34

Now we have 3 ducks ! red ,white and blue !!

Cindy 09:14

Hello everyone

Debbie 08:48

Good morning

Milly 07:00

Morning all !

"B" 05:01

That's one of ther nice things about folk music, its always changing, like a language

"B" 04:55

Yes, I'm old enough to know "Clementine" but was not familier with that last verse.

Helen 02:03

If you don't know 'Clementine', here is the Boy Scout version, with a humourous last verse. [link]

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