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Shoutout Messages

Susan 22:03

That is snow that is forecast for tonight

Helen 16:51

Thank you, Milly. I wondered. That might be one of the minor details that Dan is still working on.

Milly 16:26

I havent seen any on here Helen .But at the moment its 1c above freezing for once.

Helen 12:31

Or aren't they here yet?

Helen 12:31

OK I have a question - how do I now find the temperature and weather conditions on this page?.

Helen 11:20

Good morning, everyone. I see you had what we call a "dusting" last night.

Susan 11:07

Morning All

Cindy 09:20

Hello everyone

sarah 08:47

Morning all,cold and frosty one too, m

Simon 08:31

Morning. seems to be a grayish-brown sheep out there with a distinct front end limp!

Milly 07:00

Morning all !

15th December 2017
Helen 14:56

Oh, lovely! Perfectly clean lens and a beautiful view - even sheep. Hello, everyone.

Susan 11:21

Morning All

Cindy 09:14

Hello everyone

Dan 09:12

Not much grass left now after the snow and ice!

Dan 09:12

It's back now, if you refresh the page

Simon 09:08

Ok no rush. Wasn't sure if cam probs still there.

sarah 09:08

Morning all

Dan 09:05

Hi Simon, just rebooting now

Simon 09:03

Morning All. Is the camera feed not live today?