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LambWatch News!

The Circle of Life

It's been a very busy and emotional week at LambWatch HQ as we run up to the first day of the shepherd's calendar: tupping time!

Posted 6th November 2017, 7 replies, 11 likes

Boris is British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"

Well done Boris! We think you deserve to be British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"!

Posted 27th October 2017, 4 replies, 25 likes

Marlfield Farm Boreray Yarn

Our first ever Boreray shearling yarn has arrived back from the mill at LambWatch HQ today! It looks great!

Posted 5th October 2017, 0 replies, 15 likes

Malham Show 2017

Find out about our very successful first ever trip to Malham Show in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Posted 7th September 2017, 11 replies, 25 likes

Trawden Show 2017

We entered some LambWatch sheep into our first ever agricultural show at Trawden this weekend!

Posted 14th August 2017, 10 replies, 21 likes

Native British fleece for sale!

Native British sheep fleece for sale, produced entirely at LambWatch HQ and from LambWatch primitive breed sheep.

Posted 27th July 2017, 0 replies, 5 likes

Knitted Flame and Jasmine Available Now!

In order to help support our work, and to assess the level of demand, we thought it might be fun to offer this cute pair for sale via an auction.

Posted 5th April 2017, 0 replies, 0 likes

Gaynor goes into "intensive care"

Gaynor has recently developed a very hobbly leg so we're keeping her in "intensive care" and hoping to see an improvement.

Posted 17th February 2017, 13 replies, 5 likes

"Ewe wouldn't believe this rare breeding!"

The Lancashire Telegraph publishes an article (15th Feb 2017) featuring LambWatch's first lambs of the 2017 season.

Posted 15th February 2017, 6 replies, 15 likes

Welcome Wispa, Lyssa, Bridget, Thora and Topaz

LambWatch HQ is now home to a breeding family of five North Ronaldsay sheep!

Posted 4th January 2017, 9 replies, 8 likes

Update from LambWatch HQ

Just a bit of an update with what's been going on, sheep-wise, at LambWatch HQ!

Posted 25th October 2016, 10 replies, 2 likes

Welcome Gaynor, Georgie, Fern, Flavia, Fiona, Flora, Freya and Fulvia!

What a mouthful! These are the names of our 6 new Boreray sheep: 2 adults and 6 lambs. Welcome to LambWatch!

Posted 24th September 2016, 16 replies, 0 likes

Welcome Shetlands!

Today we welcomed 6 female shetland lambs to LambWatch HQ! You can watch them live as they settle in to their new home.

Posted 11th September 2016, 5 replies, 15 likes

Sheep Shearing Complete

The next job of the summer season is now complete at LambWatch HQ.

Posted 21st June 2016, 6 replies, 15 likes

First ever Boreray lamb is born at Marlfield Farm

After many weeks / months of waiting, the first ever Boreray lamb has arrived at LambWatch HQ!

Posted 10th May 2016, 7 replies, 7 likes

Welcome Jasmine, Flame and Jacob!

LambWatch is now home to Jasmine, Flame and Jacob: a breeding family of rare breed native Boreray sheep.

Posted 13th January 2016, 11 replies, 12 likes

A gateway to the future...

Part one of a larger project (TBA!) has been completed and we're very pleased with it!

Posted 17th November 2015, 4 replies, 0 likes

LambWatch steps towards self-sufficiency!

We have today signed on the dotted line for the installation of new solar panels to power LambWatch HQ!

Posted 25th August 2015, 6 replies, 0 likes

A bit of dry stone walling

A small gap in a dry stone wall bordering our field with the lane needed fixing up!

Posted 29th July 2015, 3 replies, 0 likes

Sheep shearing completed!

It's taken us about a month or so in small sessions, but we got there in the end!

Posted 25th June 2015, 6 replies, 0 likes

Lambing and Farming Update

An update on the 2015 lambing season and other general farming news!

Posted 21st May 2015, 5 replies, 0 likes

It began at 3 am!

The 2015 lambing season officially started at 3am last night resulting in 2 so-far healthy twins.

Posted 30th March 2015, 11 replies, 0 likes

Lambing Live at LambWatch HQ!

With our new webcams, we can bring you all the live action from the lambing shed this year!

Posted 24th March 2015, 5 replies, 0 likes

Dan and Heather's Wedding Day Photos

A snapshot of Dan and Heather's special day.

Posted 7th January 2015, 13 replies, 0 likes

New Introductions!

The two rugged tups and six fresh-faced pullets are (re)introduced to LambWatch HQ!

Posted 24th November 2014, 7 replies, 0 likes

Harry suffering from "Fly Strike" (Myiasis)

Poor Harry has been hit by fly strike, an unpleasant infestation of the skin by maggots!

Posted 18th September 2014, 9 replies, 0 likes

Dan and Heather's wedding

What a wonderful weekend..... !!

Posted 5th September 2014, 4 replies, 0 likes

Market day

It's that time of year again when the animals are due for market.

Posted 11th August 2014, 7 replies, 0 likes

Last sheep finally lambed....

All done for another year

Posted 25th April 2014, 3 replies, 0 likes


Harry has finally lambed! But sadly it is not all good news :(

Posted 15th April 2014, 6 replies, 0 likes

Lambing Update

A bit of an update on events down on the LambWatch HQ farm!

Posted 14th April 2014, 12 replies, 0 likes

Pre-Lambing Preparations 2014

An update on what's been happening in the run up to this year's lambing season!

Posted 19th March 2014, 7 replies, 0 likes

Arrival of the tup to Marlfield

Let the fun begin!!

Posted 29th October 2013, 8 replies, 0 likes

New Stream Code

New code has been released which should make LambWatch more compatible on other devices including Android!

Posted 25th July 2013, 13 replies, 0 likes

The last eight days....

Lynda gives an update of events on the farm over the past few days. It's all goin' on!

Posted 3rd July 2013, 11 replies, 0 likes

Wonderful news !!

Wonderful news !!

Posted 23rd June 2013, 9 replies, 0 likes

RIP Lloyd

Today one of our favourite sheep passed away after her health deteriorated significantly over the past week or so.

Posted 13th June 2013, 10 replies, 0 likes

All done for this year!!

Lynda reports on how the lambing birthing season for 2013 has now come to an end at LambWatch HQ!

Posted 8th May 2013, 5 replies, 0 likes

The sound of the lambs

An update on the 2013 lambing season from behind the scenes.

Posted 9th April 2013, 5 replies, 0 likes

Snow place like LambWatch!

Winter's teeth is biting relentlessly on the 2013 lambing season making life very difficult at LW HQ.

Posted 25th March 2013, 5 replies, 0 likes

New Equipment - Updated!

Just in time for the new season, I am pleased to announce a complete renewal of the webcam equipment!

Posted 5th March 2013, 10 replies, 0 likes

Ash die-back disease (chalara fungus)

It's decimated 90% of Danish ash trees and now it threatens one of Britain's iconic trees. If you see it, report it!

Posted 29th October 2012, 9 replies, 0 likes

Tom reaches top of Kilimanjaro

Phew...what a climb !!

Posted 22nd September 2012, 9 replies, 0 likes

That time of year

Well, it had to come, I'm afraid, and the bills have to be paid...

Posted 10th September 2012, 10 replies, 0 likes

Hoping for sunshine

We're hoping that these few days of dry weather for the first time in months will help us make hay!

Posted 22nd July 2012, 9 replies, 0 likes

Sheep finally clipped!

Finally, after weeks of waiting, the sheep have been clipped, releiving them of their fleeces and reducing risk of maggots.

Posted 10th July 2012, 3 replies, 0 likes

Lambing Season Summary

The horrible weather this April made for one of the hardest lambing seasons in a long time...

Posted 4th May 2012, 9 replies, 0 likes

Pre Season News

The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the farm is getting ready for the new lambing season...

Posted 28th March 2012, 9 replies, 0 likes

New Year - new field!

The start of 2012 brings a change of grazing for our breeding sheep.

Posted 2nd January 2012, 9 replies, 0 likes

Two Tups Arrive at LambWach HQ

'Tis that season again when the sheep are being prepared for the lambing season of 2012! Can you spot them on cam!?

Posted 10th November 2011, 14 replies, 0 likes

News Update

A quick news update on events happening at the farm over the past month or so!

Posted 14th August 2011, 24 replies, 0 likes

The Spirit Of LambWatch

A news post to capture the Spirit of LambWatch

Posted 10th August 2011, 8 replies, 0 likes

Making Hay While The Sun Shines?!

We are hoping to get our first hay crop today! Fingers crossed the weather stays dry for it!

Posted 29th June 2011, 5 replies, 0 likes

Welcome Grizzle!

A well-travelled unexpected visitor is making himself at home at LambWatch HQ!

Posted 25th June 2011, 7 replies, 0 likes

Maternity Ward Closed For Another Year!

All the sheep which were in lamb have now all produced so the maternity ward has now been closed for another year!

Posted 20th April 2011, 3 replies, 0 likes

A Quick Update

A lot of people have been asking for updates on events over the weekend. Lynda provides a quick update on events...

Posted 11th April 2011, 2 replies, 0 likes

A Bit Manic

It's all a bit manic at LambWatch HQ. A shutter of lambs over the weekend and seven offspring from 2 sheep today!

Posted 4th April 2011, 12 replies, 0 likes

First Lamb Delivery On Schedule! *Updated*

The first sheep of the 2011 lambing season produced two lambs at 3am this morning - right on schedule!

Posted 31st March 2011, 12 replies, 0 likes

"Ere we go again" - Again

The sun may be shining but all is not well this morning at LambWatch HQ...

Posted 18th March 2011, 10 replies, 0 likes

"'Ere we go again!"

LambWatch kicks off its third year broadcasting lambing time live over the Internet on 31st March!

Posted 7th March 2011, 7 replies, 0 likes

Four New Arrivals

Four new residents have arrived at the LambWatch HQ Chicken Retirement Home!

Posted 7th February 2011, 6 replies, 0 likes

One Million Hits!

This little quiet corner of the internet celebrates over 1 million hits!

Posted 31st January 2011, 17 replies, 0 likes

Fun and Games

The tupping season is once again with us! Watch out for lots of chasing about in the field!

Posted 4th November 2010, 10 replies, 0 likes

In Other News... Exciting Extension Work!

This summer, LambWatch HQ news flow has been quiet but fret not... it's been far from quiet on the farm!

Posted 11th October 2010, 12 replies, 0 likes

Breezy, Battered and Bruised

The recent strong winds at LambWatch have certainly left their mark on the landscape!

Posted 15th September 2010, 9 replies, 0 likes

Barn Owl Sighted!

A barn owl has been sighted at the farm perched on the gate! This is very exciting news!

Posted 9th August 2010, 15 replies, 0 likes

An Inevitability

There would be no LambWatch if we never had a "market day". Lamb market season is upon us once again.

Posted 5th July 2010, 7 replies, 0 likes

Parched *updated with BBC news*

The ongoing dry spell has caused the farmhouse water supply to dry up but fortunately there is a solution.

Posted 21st June 2010, 21 replies, 0 likes

Cuckoo Arrives At LambWatch HQ!

Everybody is very excited this morning as the first sighting of a cuckoo was made in the trees!

Posted 17th June 2010, 9 replies, 0 likes

Sheep Shearing Day!

The annual sheep shearing took place this morning as all the sheep had their fleeces clipped.

Posted 13th June 2010, 4 replies, 0 likes

Farewell Pusscat

Pusscat sadly passed away in the night after being found in the rain yesterday afternoon by Howard.

Posted 9th June 2010, 20 replies, 0 likes

Famous Ranvir Gives Birth!

Ranvir the shearling "lamb" gives birth for her first time to two healthy male lambs live on cam!

Posted 5th April 2010, 11 replies, 0 likes

Radio 2 Lambing Live Shoutout!

LambWatch gets radio fame on Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show thanks to "Lambing Live"!

Posted 10th March 2010, 5 replies, 0 likes

Early Lambing Season Summary

A sheepy summary of the early lambing season of 2010. Three sheep took part! *clip*

Posted 25th February 2010, 15 replies, 0 likes

First Arrivals of 2010! *updated*

The first newborns of the 2010 lambing season arrived in the middle of last night, all healthy!

Posted 23rd January 2010, 32 replies, 0 likes

A Christmas Scene

We woke up this morning to a covering of crisp fresh snow with robins at the feeder; a picture of peace!

Posted 18th December 2009, 17 replies, 0 likes

News Update - Pink Eyes & New Faces!

It's been a while since we posted an update on the latest news at the farm, so here is one!

Posted 5th September 2009, 8 replies, 0 likes

Off To Market

On Monday, some lambs were taken to market, explaining the current lack of sheep and lambs in the field.

Posted 14th July 2009, 15 replies, 0 likes

Dodgy Forecasting Spoils Hay Crop

Rain falls on our two-day old hay crop resulting in a considerable reduction in its quality.

Posted 30th June 2009, 7 replies, 0 likes

Sheep Shearing Day! *updated*

This morning the sheep were all clipped; leaving them without wool for the summer months.

Posted 14th June 2009, 7 replies, 0 likes

Lamb Suddenly Dies

A lamb which we have been topping up with milk from the bottle suddenly died this morning.

Posted 4th June 2009, 12 replies, 0 likes

A Cracking CamGrab! *updated*

Check out this brilliant picture captured by the webcam featuring the infamous woodpecker!

Posted 28th May 2009, 14 replies, 0 likes

Patch Off To Vets Again

Patch was found this morning with another prolapse so she has been quickly taken to the vets.

Posted 22nd May 2009, 12 replies, 0 likes

More Expectant Mums!

Well we thought all the sheep that were do to produce lambs this year had given birth already...!

Posted 6th May 2009, 16 replies, 0 likes

No More Expectant Mums!

Well today we realised that no more sheep are due to lamb this year, so that's a wrap!

Posted 20th April 2009, 5 replies, 0 likes

Lambing News Update

This news article provides an update on the weekend's events as far as sheep and lambs are concerned.

Posted 6th April 2009, 7 replies, 0 likes

Prolapse And Vet Visit No. 2 *Updated*

Howard had to make a second trip to the vet this morning, 2 out of 2, this time with Lottie.

Posted 28th March 2009, 13 replies, 0 likes

Patch Taken To Vets *update 2*

Patch has been taken to the vet after having had a large prolapse despite never lambing before.

Posted 23rd March 2009, 9 replies, 0 likes

First Arrivals of 2009

Here are some photos of our first born lambs of 2009 spending time in the barn.

Posted 21st February 2009, 25 replies, 0 likes

Lamb Rescue Mission Ends Happily

A worrying morning searching for lambs ends happily after Sir David spots them in neighbour's fields!

Posted 20th December 2008, 7 replies, 0 likes

Winter Has Arrived *updated*!

The first proper cold-snap of the 2008 winter has arrived at LambWatch (and most of the UK!)

Posted 30th November 2008, 8 replies, 0 likes

Eleven New Arrivals

We had 11 new arrivals who have been making themselves at home at the farm over the weekend!

Posted 27th October 2008, 11 replies, 0 likes

Bulb Planting For Spring!

"Churches Together" arranged a morning of bulb planting amongst the new trees ready for Spring!

Posted 18th October 2008, 10 replies, 0 likes

Lone Ranger Reunited!

Our friendly visitor sheep was this morning safely reunited with its family across the river :)

Posted 22nd August 2008, 8 replies, 0 likes

Competition *updated again*!

We thought we would have a bit of fun to raise everyone's spirits following a sad week on LambWatch.

Posted 10th July 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

A mournful day

Today was a very sad and painful day for everyone at and involved with LambWatch :(

Posted 6th July 2008, 18 replies, 0 likes

Making Hay While The Sun Shines

We are in the process of taking our first hay crop of the season this week. Let's hope for good weather!

Posted 23rd June 2008, 5 replies, 0 likes

Radio 2 "WebCam of the Day" - Again!!

Steve Wright featured us again on his afternoon show on the UK's most popular radio station: BBC Radio 2!

Posted 17th June 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

LambWatch DVD Finally Ready!

After what seems months of preparation, the 3-disc LambWatch Video Diary DVD is finally here!

Posted 16th June 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes

New LambWatch Forum!

A new way to communicate with other LambWatch fans and discuss everything sheep and lambs!

Posted 2nd June 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Billy Finally Gives Birth!

After a long wait Billy, the last sheep to lamb, finally gave birth to a set of twins yesterday!

Posted 6th May 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

A Near Catastrophe Averted

We nearly had a catastrophe this morning as Favourite Sheep (mother of N,W&T and also our favourite sheep) was found rigged...

Posted 29th April 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

Final BBC NWT LambWatch Feature

Today BBC North West Tonight aired the last in the series of LambWatch features as the lambing season draws to a close

Posted 24th April 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

New LambWatch Sign!

Chris (aka Mr C) has kindly put together a professional yet still quite rustic-looking sign for the lambwatch field!

Posted 15th April 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

BT are hopeless *updated*!!!

Lambwatch has been offline for 6 days now due to BT's inability to fix a fault with a cable at the exchange! Hurry up BT!

Posted 10th April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

A Brief Progress Report

A progress report on how the lambing season is going including all the new arrivals & updates on the celebs, Dianne, N, W & T.

Posted 6th April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Local papers feature LambWatch!

The crazy media attention continues as LambWatch makes its debut appearances in a series of local newspapers!

Posted 3rd April 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

BBC NWT Broadcasting Weather LIVE!

Tonight, BBC NWT came to the farm to broadcast the local weather with Dianne LIVE! It was all very exciting stuff!

Posted 1st April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Change of Camera View

In an attempt to try and get a bit closer to the lambs we have moved the camera. Feel free to let us know if you love or hate it.

Posted 31st March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

LambWatch Update Tonight on NWT

Catch up on the latest events over the Easter weekend on the latest BBC North West Tonight LambWatch feature!

Posted 25th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

BBC North West Tonight Feature

Welcome everyone visiting who found us via BBC NWT! We hope you enjoy the footage over the coming weeks.

Posted 20th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

First Lambs of the Season

This morning before work the first lambs of the season started to arrive but the birth is / was not without its complications.

Posted 18th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

12,000 Trees Arrived Today!

The "big plant" is about to commence as 12,000 trees have now arrived, ready to be planted over the next few days / weeks.

Posted 27th February 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Earthquake hits LambWatch!

Believe it or not but it's true! At 01:00 AM, much of England, including LambWatch experienced an earthquake measuring 5.2!

Posted 27th February 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Listed on Pointless Sites!

Welcome to everyone visiting from Pointless Sites! Please vote for us! We're proud!

Posted 25th February 2008, 5 replies, 0 likes

Weatherproofing the Microphone

The weather forecast suggests rain so it's probably a good time to weatherproof the microphone with a makeshift housing unit!

Posted 19th February 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

Radio 2 "WebCam of the Day"!!

We were delighted to find out we had been voted as Radio 2's "WebCam of the Day" on the "Steve Wright in the afternoon" show!

Posted 19th February 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes