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Video Highlights

Introducing the Boreray to the Shetland sheep

Today we put all our female pure breeds together in the same field, in preparation for tupping time in late Autumn.

Posted 19th September 2016, 4 replies, 10 likes

Taming of the shetlands

We give the shetlands some tasty treats every now and again to help tame them and become more confident around us.

Posted 12th September 2016, 2 replies, 0 likes

Lamb Olympics!

Our three pet lambs were born to run at Aintree, it seems!?

Posted 18th May 2016, 7 replies, 25 likes

Mmmm tasty webcam!

The sheep have discovered the webcam's new location!

Posted 22nd April 2016, 7 replies, 10 likes

Sheep Scanning

This is the first time we've had our sheep scanned at Marlfield Farm!

Posted 20th January 2016, 7 replies, 12 likes

A nuthatch arrives at LambWatch HQ

We're excited to see a nuthatch arrive at our feeder this morning!

Posted 2nd November 2015, 2 replies, 0 likes

Preparing the barn ready for winter

We've been sorting many of the outbuildings lately and today we've been clearing the barn floor.

Posted 21st October 2015, 6 replies, 0 likes

Owl uses bird feeder as dinner-spotting spot!

An owl has been seen visiting our bird feeder on numerous occasions during the night.

Posted 13th August 2015, 7 replies, 0 likes

A day in the life of a haymaking family farm

The final day of making hay is the busiest and toughest part of the process! This clip features the day's highlights.

Posted 1st July 2015, 4 replies, 0 likes

Woodpeckers, goldfinches and... kestrel?

Our bird feeder is very busy at the moment with lots of visiting birds! Here's a few secconds from this morning.

Posted 26th June 2015, 7 replies, 0 likes

How to make haylage - part two!

We managed to get our haylage baled and stored away today just in time!

Posted 24th June 2015, 3 replies, 0 likes

A day in the haylage field

Day one and two combined of making haylage while the sun shines at LambWatch HQ!

Posted 23rd June 2015, 5 replies, 0 likes

Feeding time on the swallows' nest

The parents visit the swallows' nest every few minutes, bringing fresh grub to the new chicks.

Posted 19th June 2015, 1 replies, 0 likes

A cheeky rat enjoys a midnight snack

We've seen all kinds of creatures visit our bird feeder. The latest is a cheeky rat!

Posted 19th August 2014, 10 replies, 0 likes

Kestrel attacks young woodpecker

A young woodpecker has it's afternoon tea and cake interrupted by a cheeky kestrel

Posted 22nd July 2014, 9 replies, 0 likes

Close Encouters of the Drunken Kind!

The evening's are balmy, the days are long and the fields are lush: perfect conditions for a close encouter!

Posted 9th June 2014, 8 replies, 0 likes

Lynda bottle feeds pet lamb

We have one "full-time" pet lamb this year. Lynda gives it a bottle in front of the webcam.

Posted 28th April 2014, 11 replies, 0 likes

See! There are lambs to be seen!

With a little ushering, the class of 2014 make their first appearance on the webcam!

Posted 10th April 2014, 14 replies, 0 likes

The stuff you don't see in the fields...

We put the cam in the lambing shed for a while to give an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Posted 31st March 2014, 9 replies, 0 likes

A young lady from Twickenham

At the same time as fixing the microphone, Lynda tells the story of a young lady from Twickenham...

Posted 15th January 2014, 7 replies, 0 likes

Owl wishes everybody a happy new year!

Only 8 minutes into 2014, an owl comes to wish all everybody a happy & healthy new year!

Posted 1st January 2014, 8 replies, 0 likes

A Giant Leap For Sheepkind

The Neil Armstrong of the sheep world takes a small step for sheepkind....

Posted 28th August 2013, 11 replies, 0 likes

Lynda sows wetland hay meadow mix

Lynda does a grand job of preparing and sowing a wetlands meadow seed mix (EM8) in front of cam.

Posted 23rd August 2013, 8 replies, 0 likes

Buzz Buzz

A little buzzy creature introduces himself to the LambWatchers briefly. Blink and you miss it!

Posted 22nd July 2013, 7 replies, 0 likes

Howard versus sheep

Howard rugby tackles a sheep so that he can check its bag for milk.

Posted 17th April 2013, 11 replies, 0 likes

Fools Gold

Our new spherical bird feeder makes a fool of a bird of prey, hoping to catch a cheeky snack!

Posted 12th April 2013, 4 replies, 0 likes

"Ill Met By Moonset"

On Saturday morning the stars were aligned and the camera was able to catch a "Moonset"!

Posted 27th November 2012, 5 replies, 0 likes

Tuppin' Time!

It's that time of the year again! The new daddy has arrived to do his thing! He hasn't wasted any time!

Posted 7th November 2012, 15 replies, 0 likes

Happy Soggy Halloween!

The pouring rain didn't stop Lynda from providing Halloween trinkets for the sheep and LambWatchers!

Posted 1st November 2012, 7 replies, 0 likes

Hedgehog Rummaging About

Who's this little fella wandering the stage at all hours? He looks to be having a good rummage through the grass!

Posted 29th October 2012, 8 replies, 0 likes

Hello Liliana!

The youngest Procter makes an appearance on LambWatch with mum Gayle, grandma Lynda and uncle Dan.

Posted 11th June 2012, 14 replies, 0 likes

Summer at last! And the lambs are happy!

Finally the sun is shining in May and the sheep and lambs are loving the warm evening sun!

Posted 23rd May 2012, 9 replies, 0 likes

Ill met by infrared light!

Under the cover of darkness an inquisitive lamb decides to re-arrange the LW sign!

Posted 21st May 2012, 3 replies, 0 likes

Winter arrives at LambWatch HQ

Winter has finally arrived in the UK over the past few days just as many farmers start their 2012 lambing season.

Posted 5th February 2012, 13 replies, 0 likes

Two Grumpy Old Men

Check out our two new arrivals at LambWatch HQ! The grumpiest pair you will ever meet!

Posted 10th November 2011, 0 replies, 0 likes

Happy Halloween Sheep!

Our new sheep investigate the spooky new arrival at the LambWatch sign!

Posted 29th October 2011, 5 replies, 0 likes

Sheep Trampoline!

Poor mum sheep just wants to catch a few winks but her kids don't let her! They want to use her as a trampoline!

Posted 26th April 2011, 17 replies, 0 likes

Easter Hot Air

During half time of Coronation St. an unexpected fleet of about 10 hot air balloons passed over the farm!

Posted 25th April 2011, 9 replies, 0 likes

Outdoor Lambing Live!

Probably one of the most eagerly awaited lambing highlights of 2011 is now available for replay!

Posted 10th April 2011, 11 replies, 0 likes

Indoor Lambing Live

This video features Howard and Lynda assisting with the birth of twins inside the lambing barn at LambWatch HQ

Posted 8th April 2011, 4 replies, 0 likes

Return Of The Mice

Watch a pair of mice clear up the left-over bird seed under the cover of darkness on this warm spring evening.

Posted 28th March 2011, 6 replies, 0 likes

Unidentified Bird Of Prey - Sparrow Hawk!

We would appreciate your help in identifying this bird of prey that was sighted on the farm on Sunday!

Posted 26th October 2010, 25 replies, 0 likes

Owl Watch!

We were treated to a 10 minute owly display in the early hours of 5th September!

Posted 5th September 2010, 11 replies, 0 likes


A couple of lambs enjoy a good scratch on the sign and bird feeder. "Nectar"!

Posted 28th June 2010, 7 replies, 0 likes

Peaceful Poetry and Woodpecker Family!

Howard recites poetry on a peaceful Summer's eve while two woodpeckers return to the feeder!

Posted 20th June 2010, 7 replies, 0 likes

Robert Burns Medley For Andrew

Howard recites a few lines of Robert Burns for Scottish LambWatcher Andrew from Glasgow...

Posted 30th May 2010, 10 replies, 0 likes

Feeding Pet Lambs

Howard gets mobbed by a flock of sheep as he tops up a bottle-fed lamb with milk on webcam.

Posted 28th May 2010, 9 replies, 0 likes

Three Little Rabbits!

Three young rabbits make their debut appearance on webcam as they play in the field.

Posted 26th May 2010, 7 replies, 0 likes

A Visitor From Canada

Canadian LambWatcher Helen visits the LambWatch farm bearing authentic Canadian maple syrup!

Posted 19th May 2010, 11 replies, 0 likes

Super Hen!

Can hens fly? This clip provides the answer! Something made this hen desperate to get on cam!

Posted 7th May 2010, 12 replies, 0 likes

Lambs Playing At Night Time

Did you know that lambs also like to play and skip in the dark? Catch them in the infra-red at night!

Posted 11th April 2010, 9 replies, 0 likes

Live Lamb Birth

A rare glimpse at a natural live lamb birth: the third lamb of a set of triplets slops out!

Posted 4th April 2010, 13 replies, 0 likes

2010 Lambs' First Webcam Appearance

Encouraged by bread, a mother and two lambs make the first 2010 appearance of lambs, live on webcam!

Posted 1st April 2010, 13 replies, 0 likes

Squirrel Versus Stainless Steel!

The pesky squirrel battles with reinforced stainless steel after destroying the old bird feeder!

Posted 16th March 2010, 12 replies, 0 likes

Sights and Sounds of Spring!

Hear the sound of a buzzard's call from above as a jay strolls nonchalantly in the grass.

Posted 16th February 2010, 15 replies, 0 likes

Lynda & Puss Look For Harry & Lloyd

Lynda and Pusscat go looking for Harry and Lloyd in the LambWatch field; last year's pet lambs!

Posted 17th January 2010, 5 replies, 0 likes

Feeding Sheep In Snow

Sheep must be fed extra hay snow. They are usually fed off- cam but today Howard fed them around the sign.

Posted 22nd December 2009, 8 replies, 0 likes

Breakfast With Lynda and Lottie

Lynda enjoys a nice cup of tea at breakfast time with Lottie, who enjoys a good bit of attention!

Posted 22nd October 2009, 14 replies, 0 likes

Lynda Models LambWatch T-Shirt

Lynda models a LambWatch T-Shirt: one of hundreds of LambWatch branded items for sale in our shop!

Posted 25th September 2009, 8 replies, 0 likes

Lynda Fixes Cam After Squirrel Attack!

The pesky squirrel makes hard work for Lynda as it knocks the webcam out of line after gorging!

Posted 4th August 2009, 15 replies, 0 likes

Greedy Pink And White Pants Men!

The squirrel joins the woodpecker for an afternoon gorge and a pants show at the new-look birdfeeder!

Posted 4th August 2009, 8 replies, 0 likes

Fuelled By Bread

Just look how a bap or two of leftover stale bread affects the spirits of these insane animals!

Posted 8th July 2009, 14 replies, 0 likes

Under Cover Of Darkness

We were aware the fatballs were going down too quickly but couldn't believe it was just from bird activity...!

Posted 21st June 2009, 17 replies, 0 likes

Lambs Scrapping

Watch the lambs have one of their regular evening scrapping sessions around the sign!

Posted 14th June 2009, 12 replies, 0 likes

A bit o' Yorkshire dry stone wallin'

Featurin' Dan and Howard fixin' the bit o' dry stone wallin' that collapsed a few nights ago.

Posted 14th June 2009, 7 replies, 0 likes

Clipping Ranvir

A short extract from the sheep shearing footage featuring the first sheep to be clipped: Ranvir!

Posted 14th June 2009, 4 replies, 0 likes

Far Away Flatulence!

He's been gone a while, but our far away friend certainly knows how to make an entrance...!

Posted 11th June 2009, 16 replies, 0 likes

Strange Flying Creature!

Can anyone tell what this strange flying creature is; spotted by LambWatch fan Alex in the early hours?

Posted 11th June 2009, 7 replies, 0 likes

Spider Spins A World Wide Web!

This little LambWatch spider reminds us all of the true meaning of a "world wide web" :)

Posted 7th June 2009, 6 replies, 0 likes

Bottle Feeding Pet Lambs

The pet lambs have been moved into the LambWatch field today and Lynda feeds them live on cam.

Posted 1st June 2009, 7 replies, 0 likes

A Pair of Nutters!

One of the sheep spent an evening picking fights with the other mums on this pleasant sunny evening.

Posted 20th April 2009, 13 replies, 0 likes

A Daft 10 Minutes

The lambs play and skip around the LambWatch sign in the warm afternoon sunshine.

Posted 18th April 2009, 8 replies, 0 likes

Return of LambWatch!

The suffolk sheep makes its first appearance for 2009 with her two new born lambs.

Posted 7th April 2009, 13 replies, 0 likes

Lottie's Lamb Struggles To Walk

Lottie's lamb can walk a bit but is still very weak. We try to build up its muscles by encouraging it to walk.

Posted 29th March 2009, 14 replies, 0 likes

Sheep Feeding Time!

The pregnant mums of LambWatch today made their debut 2009 appearance for their feeding time!

Posted 21st March 2009, 7 replies, 0 likes

Woodpecker Sighting!

The LambWatch woodpecker struts his stuff infront of the webcam while he gorges himself on the feeder!

Posted 18th March 2009, 8 replies, 0 likes

The Dawn Chorus

Listen to the peaceful tune of today's dawn chorus, performed & conducted by the LambWatch birds!

Posted 16th March 2009, 5 replies, 0 likes

Away With The Fairies

Strange creatures were spotted on the cloudy and drizzly afternoon of 9th March at LambWatch!

Posted 9th March 2009, 11 replies, 0 likes

Live Vet-Assisted Lamb Birth

The first vet-assisted birth of the 2009 lambing season happened once again in the middle of the night.

Posted 23rd February 2009, 19 replies, 0 likes

Behind The Scenes

A sneak peak behind the scenes of the webcam to show how it is supported with a fence post.

Posted 18th December 2008, 7 replies, 0 likes

Mysterious Nightflying Creature!

This clip was in response to a sighting made on the webcam in the early hours of the morning!

Posted 11th December 2008, 36 replies, 0 likes

A Welcome To Radio 2 Listeners!

Lynda, Howard and the cat make an appearance on the webcam to welcome the BBC Radio 2 listeners.

Posted 10th December 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

A Snowy Day!

Eight hours summarised into a minute to give you an impression of this very snowy day at LambWatch!

Posted 2nd December 2008, 5 replies, 0 likes


Here is a short clip of Dan constructing the first ever LambWatch snowman with his bare hands!

Posted 2nd December 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

The New Daddy

Footage of the arrival of the new suffolk tup (male sheep) who arrived at the farm last week.

Posted 12th November 2008, 11 replies, 0 likes

Guy Fawkes (Bonfire) Night Antics

We couldn't let bonfire night pass by on LambWatch without putting on some form of entertainment!

Posted 5th November 2008, 13 replies, 0 likes

Happy Halloween!

Ghostly lanterns keep watch as we wish all our viewers a very Happy Halloween!

Posted 31st October 2008, 5 replies, 0 likes

New Hens' WebCam Debut!

Howard introduces the viewers to the new "Marlfield's 11" as they make their webcam debut!

Posted 29th October 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

A Spring Water Supply in Autumn

Howard explains the trials of having a spring water supply for the farmhouse water.

Posted 28th October 2008, 5 replies, 0 likes

Creepy Crawlie Cam II

We had another creepy crawlie come visit our webcam to make the most of its warm infra-red light!

Posted 12th October 2008, 9 replies, 0 likes

One Man Went To Mow

Howard decides to give the LambWatch field a bit of a hair cut to make food for sheep on diet!

Posted 24th September 2008, 12 replies, 0 likes

WebCam Back Online!

Lynda has a visitor while she explains that the webcam is back online after a few hours downtime.

Posted 21st September 2008, 5 replies, 0 likes

Squirrel Versus Webcam!

First it was the sheep, now it is the smaller population having a punch up with the webcam!

Posted 20th September 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes

A LambWatch Variety Show!

From beetles, to music, emergency sirens and flashing lights, this variety show comes exclusively from LW!

Posted 18th September 2008, 13 replies, 0 likes

Sheep Versus Webcam!

Features two occasions when the sheep have decided to express their feelings towards being watched!

Posted 16th September 2008, 9 replies, 0 likes

Feeding Time!

Howard treats the flock to some more tasty treets consisting of some bits of bread and sheep nuts!

Posted 16th September 2008, 4 replies, 0 likes

The Return Of ZoRg!!

Our friendly visitor from another world re-appears at LambWatch after a long "summer" absence!

Posted 15th September 2008, 9 replies, 0 likes

Field Mice Night Vision!

Watch a family of field mice in their natural environment at night in the infra-red light!

Posted 10th September 2008, 7 replies, 0 likes

The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

This clip provides real evidence that this well-known phrase is actually true! (well to some extent anyway)

Posted 7th September 2008, 9 replies, 0 likes

Wet Weekend Meets Babbling Brook

This clip shows the effect a day's solid rain has on the small babbling brook at the bottom of the LambWatch field!

Posted 5th September 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

Inquisitive Great Tit!

This brave little fellow decided to get a closer look at the equipment that has been watching it for months!

Posted 5th September 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

Night-Vision Creepy Crawlie Cam!

Tonight the webcam got cleaned and as a result something really cool was picked up in the infra-red light!

Posted 4th September 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

Open Day Video 30th Aug 08

With bits from the webcam and camcorder, this clip features the events of the 2nd LambWatch open day.

Posted 31st August 2008, 15 replies, 0 likes

Sheep Acting The Goat!

This evening the sheep were obviously in a playful mood so they started acting the goat!

Posted 20th August 2008, 5 replies, 0 likes


Introducing the suffolk sheep of the flock who has been named by the community as Meep :)

Posted 15th August 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes

Howard Housekeeping

What may look like Howard playing hockey with sheep poos is actually him cutting nettles with a scythe!

Posted 14th August 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes

Intruder Alert!

A lamb from the neighbour's farm infiltratesd the as word of the quality LambWatch scratch post gets out!

Posted 11th August 2008, 9 replies, 0 likes

Animal Medley!

Meet some of the lesser-spotted LambWatch stars in this medley of animals from around the farm!

Posted 11th August 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

A Spectacular Sunset

The sunset that greeted the first sunny day in a long time was definitely one to remember...

Posted 20th July 2008, 13 replies, 0 likes

Something special...

Something really special just arrived at the LambWatch gates this morning....

Posted 17th July 2008, 13 replies, 0 likes

Clipping Suffolk Sheep

The suffolk is the last of 34 sheep which Howard has clipped this year with manual clippers.

Posted 16th July 2008, 4 replies, 0 likes

A Tribute To Billie

Some of the highlights of Billie's short life in this 2 minute montage.

Posted 7th July 2008, 9 replies, 0 likes

Gathering Hay Bales

It was a rush to get the latest set of hay bales in this evening before the heavens opened!

Posted 1st July 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes

Farm Inspectors!

A visit from the British Rural Environmental Analysis Department (B.R.E.A.D.) to analyse sheep and lamb diet.

Posted 29th June 2008, 9 replies, 0 likes

LambWatch DVD Trailer

Grab a sneak preview of the LambWatch Video Diary DVD of 2008 with this 1 minute trailer.

Posted 27th June 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Bat Detecting!

Listen to the bats (& curlews!) as they fly around the sky catching bugs and beasties on this summer's evening!

Posted 20th June 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

Poetic Piano Ambience

Howard plays the backing tune for the webcam for 10 minutes on the piano to create a rather poetic ambience!

Posted 19th June 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

New Camcorder Used As Webcam

It is possible to use a camcorder as the input for the webcam so this evening we thought we would give it a try!

Posted 19th June 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Bread Feeding By Howard, Lizzie & Leo

Howard feeds the sheep with bread the day after doing so in the evening to entertain the watchers from Radio 2!

Posted 17th June 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes

Lynda Feeding Ranvir For Radio 2

To entertain watchers from Radio 2, Lynda decided to give Ranvir a bottle in front of the webcam.

Posted 17th June 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

Feeding Sheep With Bread!

This evening Howard decided to treat the newly shorn sheep with some tasty bread as they had behaved so well!

Posted 9th June 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

LambWatch BBQ!

Join Howard, Lynda, Ben and Dan as they spend one summer's evening having a BBQ with the sheep and lambs.

Posted 9th June 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 With Howard

A sunny evening was the only inspiration Howard needed to give a recital of Shakespeare's famous sonnet 18.

Posted 8th June 2008, 7 replies, 0 likes

A Teddybear's Picnic....

At 8.45pm, the nice evening brought our friendly visitor and a few friends back to the LambWatch field!

Posted 4th June 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

Setting Up ZoRg Notice

This clip features Dan struggling to set up the 8.45 ZoRg notice in time before his arrival.

Posted 4th June 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

Itching Scratching Sheep, Lambs (& Moths!)

The LambWatch sign makes for a great scratching post if nothing else!

Posted 3rd June 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

Spectacular Sunset

This sunset at the end of May was quite spectacular. Part of this footage came from my mobile phone.

Posted 26th May 2008, 4 replies, 0 likes

Feeding Billy's Female Lamb (Ranvir)

Billy the sheep doesn't like one of her lambs so we have to help it and top it up with bottled milk!

Posted 6th May 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Language, Culture & Trivia Evening

Hosted by Anton, Howard, Lynda and Ben throughout the evening of the May Day bank holiday.

Posted 3rd May 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

Greenfinch On The Feeder

Not long after setting up the feeder in the new position, a greenfinch visits it in the evening sun.

Posted 28th April 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

Setting Up Birdfeeder In "The Copy"

Howard and Lynda setting up the feeder in front of the webcam in its new position.

Posted 28th April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Close-Up View of Sheep and Lambs

Watch the inquisitive sheep and lambs investigate the webcam and mic as it lay on the ground.

Posted 27th April 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes

Moving Webcam To "The Copy"

This clip shows highlights of the webcam move from the House Meadow to the Copy (another field).

Posted 27th April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Final BBC North West Tonight Feature

This is the fourth and final feature of LambWatch on BBC North West Tonight news.

Posted 24th April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

News Bulletin with Howard, Lynda & ZoRg

Catch up on the latest events on the farm after the BT downtime with Howard, Lynda and ZoRg.

Posted 22nd April 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

Vet Callout - Live Lamb Birth

An emergency required a vet callout to assist the birth of a lamb. CONTAINS BLOOD

Posted 11th April 2008, 6 replies, 0 likes

Interesting Visitors To The Birdfeeder

Watch two of our larger birdfeeder visitors, the woodpecker and squirrel, close up!

Posted 8th April 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

Stargazing & Owl Encounter with ZoRg

Having spotted Howard and Lynda on Earth he returns to educate us on the Orion's Belt constellation and more.

Posted 4th April 2008, 2 replies, 0 likes

Stargazing & Jabberwocky with Lynda

Lynda follows on from Howard's recital with one of her favourite childhood poems: "The Jabberwocky".

Posted 4th April 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

WH Davies "Confession" with Howard

Join Howard with his glass of wine and cig for his poetry recital session under a starlit night sky.

Posted 4th April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

ZoRg Returns with his Guitar

Zorg returns to make his first appearance during the lambing season to perform a musical number for the sheep.

Posted 3rd April 2008, 1 replies, 0 likes

Howard's Verse & Bird Feeder Setup

Another rendition by Howard and the setting up of the birdfeeder in the camera's new location.

Posted 3rd April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Sheep and Lambs in Darkness!

Catch some night-time footage of the sheep and lambs for the first time in infra-red night-vision!

Posted 2nd April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

BBC NWT Feature 3 - LIVE!

This news feature includes a LIVE interview with Dianne the weather presenter, Weather & Video Diary!

Posted 1st April 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Lambs Skipping and Playing

Watch the lambs as they play and skip in the field for the very first time on this lovely Spring evening.

Posted 27th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Sunny Afternoon Highlights

The sheep and lambs making the most of the first really nice day of the lambing season!

Posted 27th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

BBC North West Tonight Feature 2

LambWatch's second appearance on the BBC North West Tonight news programme!

Posted 25th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

BBC North West Tonight Feature 1

Watch the first of 4 BBC North West Tonight news LambWatch features!

Posted 20th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

ZoRg's Musical Rendition

Enjoy a musical production from our friendly alien as he brings his guitar to the LambWatch stage.

Posted 17th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Ode Time With Howard

Enjoy a glass of red with Howard in the first of a series of literary and educational recitals.

Posted 17th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Feeding Time

Watch Howard being buffeted from every angle as he feeds the sheep with "cake" in their troughs.

Posted 13th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

"A Close Encounter" with ZoRg

Witness another brief encounter with the friendly intergalactic visitor of LambWatch.

Posted 12th March 2008, 0 replies, 0 likes

Mad Woman (Village Idiot) Limerick

The first in a series of limericks and recitals by the infamous "village idiot" of LambWatch.

Posted 12th March 2008, 4 replies, 0 likes

Strange Happenings

Witness the strange events that took place on this cold and windy evening in February!

Posted 25th February 2008, 3 replies, 0 likes