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About LambWatch!

LambWatch was inspired by Hencam. After seeing the interest in Hencam, we thought that people might also be interested in watching the random goings on at a small farm on the Yorkshire / Lancashire border too; and so LambWatch was born! The technology is also useful for monitoring our animals on our farm.

The camera is situated at Marlfield Farm and has been located at various spots on the farm. It spends most its time overlooking a field known as the "House Meadow"; a field that slopes down to the valley bottom where it meets a small stream which flows into the village. During the day, the camera points west, meaning that you could catch some really nice sunsets during the summer months. It also faces the prevailing wind, meaning that during winter, it can get quite stormy!

As well as lambs and sheep, you could also spot our free-range hens pottering around in the grass as well as pheasants, birds and squirrels! When there is not much happening, there is usually a blue tit or two on the nut feeder to keep you entertained! Keep your eyes peeled for the woodpecker which visits the feeder from time to time on a daily basis! It's great to receive messages of "sightings" from our viewers when they spot something of interest on the webcam.

There are many ways in which you can help to support the Procters who care for the lambs and other animals at LambWatch. Many of the ways you can help support us are free of expense to you! For more information, visit our support page.

The LambWatch you see today is a project that has grown since 2008. Since that time, as you can expect, technology has advanced at quite a significant rate. We've used various bits of equipment in the time we've been up and running and it's been fun! We're always looking for new ways to harness technology to make our site more fun!

The equipment we use for the LambWatch webcams is a combination of systems designed primarily for a standard CCTV system. Our original webcam, which is still going strong, came from Maplin and uses BNC connections. Our newer cameras are a bit more fancy and came from JMC Secure. They use IP technology and as such are a lot easier to setup! Modern networking technology allows us to rig up these new IP cameras virtually anywhere in the farm, as long as there is a power socket!

Of course, even with all this technology, you need good software to pick up the streams from the cameras and then broadcast it out to the Internet via the LambWatch webcam. LambWatch uses a combination of encoding software, provided by Camstreams and also Blue Iris, to broadcast our cameras up to the Internet. We also need a healthy supply of bandwidth to ensure it's good enough quality!

We hope you enjoy viewing our webcams. If you have any comments at all, or if you wish to find out more about how we set up our systems, or if you would like something similar setup at your premises, please feel free to get in touch by using the form on the contacts page.