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LambWatch is a little window into life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Our 'lamb cam' lets you can enjoy the daily life 'down on the farm' without leaving the comfort and warmth of your own chair!

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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

Posted 6th November 2017, 8 replies, 11 likes

It's been a very busy and emotional week at LambWatch HQ as we run up to the first day of the shepherd's calendar: tupping time! Read Article

Boris is British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"

Boris is British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"

Posted 27th October 2017, 5 replies, 25 likes

Well done Boris! We think you deserve to be British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"! Read Article

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Margaret 18:31

Good evening, It stayed dry here today but tomorrow and Wednesday looks to be windy and wet.

Helen 16:55

Hello, all. It's pouring rain here. Feels like March, without the winds.

Susan 09:24

Morning All

Cindy 09:10

Hello everyone

Debbie 08:44

Good morning

Milly 07:50

Morning all

21st January 2018
Helen 23:31

Still four ducks. Glad they are flourishing.

Helen 22:47

Winter keeps us all guessing, Margaret. But the days are getting longer! Winter cannot last forever.

Margaret 22:22

It will only be for tomorrow Helen... Tuesday we're back to rain and Wednesday they say strong winds and rain. It keeps life interesting.. lol

Helen 21:38

Maybe we're sending you some nicer weather, just as misery is returning here in the morning! Enjoy it if you get the sunshine.

Margaret 20:29

Windy, rain and sleet and cold... definitely a stay at home day .... for me anyway.. Forecast for tomorrow is the complete opposite..... dry, slightly milder and brighter. I hope they're right.

Helen 19:40

Are you having a hibernating day? It is gorgeous here, well above freezing with bright, sunny skies. It won't last but nice while we have it.

Margaret 16:05

This is just the kind of day to hibernate...

Susan 15:00

Sorry should have been NORTH Yorkshire

Susan 14:49

Wonder how the farm missed all the snow.when we have it here in East Yorkshire

Helen 11:32

GOod morning all. Just love those ducks. Waiting to see what happens next!

Cindy 10:28

It has started to snow at Blackpool

Susan 08:50

Morning All

Cindy 08:49

Hello everyone

Milly 06:51

Morning all !

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New Website

Updated 20th January 2018 by Dan, 12 replies

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Happy Birthday Milly

Updated 27th November 2017 by Milly, 5 replies

A Very Happy Birthday Milly I hope you are enjoying your Special Day Love and Best Wishes from Margaret    P.S.  Sorry Milly.. I meant ... Read Topic

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