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LambWatch is a little window into life on a rural farm on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border in the UK. Our 'lamb cam' lets you can enjoy the daily life 'down on the farm' without leaving the comfort and warmth of your own chair!

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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

Posted 6th November 2017, 8 replies, 11 likes

It's been a very busy and emotional week at LambWatch HQ as we run up to the first day of the shepherd's calendar: tupping time! Read Article »

Boris is British Wool Farm's

Boris is British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"

Posted 27th October 2017, 4 replies, 25 likes

Well done Boris! We think you deserve to be British Wool Farm's "Sheep of the Week"! Read Article »

Live Chat

Helen 11:11

Good morning, everyone.

Cindy 09:19

Hello everyone

Debbie 09:03

Good morning

Milly 06:59

Freezing rain here ,ugh !

Milly 06:15

Cam stuck !

Milly 05:41

Morning all !

Helen 02:17

Right now the snow person looks like a few bits of eggshell. NOthing left.

13th December 2017
Susan 17:28

just raindrops B nowt to worry about.

"B" 16:37

Strange blob on lens causing the remains of the snowman to look like a duck!

Monika20 14:52

Oh, so cold, my god.

Helen 12:40

Hello. everyone. It's -15 here, and an open can of ginger ale on my windowcill froze overnight and left ice all over the windowcill. Makes an interesting start to the day. I'm feeling much better this morning. Thanks and hugs to all.

Cindy 09:13

Hello everyone

Debbie 08:51

Good morning

Susan 08:43

Morning All

Milly 06:30

Hope you are doing ok Helen !,,,Good morning all !

12th December 2017
Helen 20:32

Fingers crossed, indeed. You don't need that - again!

Dan 19:47

It's rain now, fingers crossed it doesn't break the connection

Helen 19:02

Is that snow, falling, or is it raining?

Margaret 17:35

No snow here Sarah but it is very cold

sarah 17:30

Hya margaret,still got snow laying here it's been so cold

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